-Series of 9 'school-charts' (Schoolplaten) depicting dutch nature in the years: 1930 - 1950

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The series consists out of 9 titles:

x) In Sloot en Plas
x) In de weide
x) Het Naardermeer
x) In het Duin
x) Op de Heide
x) In de Ruine
x) In het Bos
x) Vogels in de winter
x) Zoetwatervissen

Price: The series is only as a whole for sale: E 835,- (shipping and insurance not included) The School-charts will not be sold seperately.
Size: All School-charts have the same size: 101 x 71 cm
Material: The charts are mounted on canvas/linen; a wooden stick is attached at top and bottom; this device allows the chart to be rolled up for storage.
Condition: The School-charts are in good condition. It is common for charts on canvas (as these charts are), that due to years of use and exposure in the schools they fade and loose colour. The School-charts here offered for sale are still full of colour and without wear and tear. The titles 'Zoetwatervissen' and 'Sloot en Plas' suffer from a slight fold in the image, as can be seen on the pictures; it is not uncommon for charts on canvas to suffer from this defect, caused by the wooden sticks, that, when the charts are rolled up, can leave an impression in the chart.
History: During the years 1930/50 of the previous century publisher WoltersNoordhoff instructed Marinus Koekkoek to depict the nature of Holland. Koekkoek travelled through Holland from north to south and the result was a series of School-charts, of which we offer the best and most favourite titles for sale. Koekkoek's 'Schoolplaten' became well-known for their peace and quiet. The School-charts were used for education in the primary schools in the previous century.
The artist: Marinus Koekkoek was a member of the well-known family Koekkoek; father and sons were all painters, who made name for themselves in the last half of the 19th century; Marinus Koekkoek: 1872 -1944
Contact: If you are interested, please contact us: taalplein@hotmail.com / (ph) 0031-6-50623679. We regularly sell School-charts wordlwide.